RedHat’s Ansible for every automation.

You have been a big help during this pandemic.

Arranging such a great session with great personalities like Mr. Ramesh Padmanabhan, Anant Dhar, Abid Matoo is the still the complex yet you achieved.

I thank Ramesh Padmanabhan sir for his simplicity, kind heart, passion towards making India future ready.

I thank Anant Dhar which I consider him as IT Guru for his simple explanation on the industry use cases of Ansible. I get to know how Ansible helps in Platform Automation, DevOps, Network Automation, Security Automation, Patching, Configuration Drift, many.

I thank Abid Matoo for his words towards LinuxWorld and Vimal Daga sir. He always strive to help others. He is the one who try to solve all quesions in the end.

I especially thank them for the QnA session at end.

This might be probably the best session till date.

I thank Vimal Daga, Preethi ma’m for arranging this session on Ansible.

CS Student. Skillset : Linux, Bash Shell Scripting, Python, AWS, Hadoop, Ansible, Docker, Kuberntes, Networking and Troubleshooting, OS Concepts.